Art Highlighted Within Kimpton


Floral Petal Sculptures

Floral Petal Sculptures

Designed to be a peaceful oasis, the spa area is adorned with three-dimensional art statements that give the optical illusion that nature is ever-present. As the spa concept appeals to five senses — touch, taste, smell, sight and sound — the space features various textures to reflect this premise. In sleek greys, the floral petal sculptures are blessed with movement. Blown in by the winds, the petals give in to the freedom formation. Simultaneously, we hope guests will leave their worries at the door and give in to relaxation.

The combination of earthy tones, clay and stones lend to the abstract sculptures a sense of intrigue, liveliness and spontaneous spirit. Installed on the walls of our spa, these nature-inspired art pieces add subtle elegance to the space. 

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